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Attorney Young Is Now a NCDRC Certified Mediator for Family Financial Cases

Attorney Whitney Young

As of January 2023, the First Judicial District of North Carolina, which includes Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Dare, Gates, Perquimans, and Pasquotank Counties, now requires family financial mediation in all cases involving equitable distribution (a/k/a "property division"). Attorney Young was part of the Local Rules Committee to develop this process and has assisted in teaching the process to other attorneys and court staff in our area. Now, she is certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission to mediate these important matters.

Family financial mediations may also cover issues outside of equitable distribution, such as child custody, child support, post separation support, alimony, and attorney's fees. Often, parties look for a comprehensive resolution through mediation.

Parties to a mediation typically include spouses that have separated and at least one spouse has filed court action against the other. Court action, however, is not required. Parties may instead be spouses that have separated or are anticipating separation and are seeking resolution outside the court process. In either scenario, parties are permitted to have their own legal representation to advocate for their personal interests through the mediation process. The mediator serves as a neutral, third party with special training and certification to aid the parties in reaching a mutually agreed upon resolution.

If you're interested in family financial mediation services, please give our office a call at (252) 621-1011.

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